Greater Milwaukee Area BCA Pool League
About Us

About Us

The Greater Milwaukee Area BCA Pool League

Several years ago a few bar owners got tired of losing pool teams because our players did not like the leagues that were available. We decide to create our own league with updated rules and a new format. We created the Greater Milwaukee Area-BCA. We started with 10 teams our first year and this year we have 120+ teams.

Our leagues run Monday through Thursday nights. The GMA-BCA pays back 97% of the players monies to the prize fund. We run a 4-person, handicapped format. Each player plays each player on the other team one game. The handicap system allows even the novice to compete against stronger players. So, all players end up happy. By listening to the players we have created a league that they enjoy and come to play again every year. We are sanctioned with The National BCAPL. This allows the players to compete in state and national tournaments. We also have an end of the season tournament where ALL teams are eligible, not just a select few.

The GMA-BCA is becoming more high-tech every year. Our website is This summer our web page was redesigned, with lots of added features such as a calendar for local tournaments, links to pool based websites, directions to all bars with in the league, etc. Players are able to retrieve their own weekly stats, as well as tournament entry forms. Now the GMA-BCA is the most high-tech league in the Midwest area. Bar owners know their teams can receive weekly stats. In order to keep our costs to a minimum we do require that 1 player on each team has access to the internet. By saving on the costs of stamps, envelopes etc, we can offer a 97% payback of the players money.

The weekly cost is $6 for each player. There is a onetime sanction fee of $15 for the BCAPL, which is sent directly to the BCAPL. In return, the players receive an updated rule book, pins, and qualifications for any BCAPL sanctioned tournaments. The sanction is good for 1 year starting in June. There is a $40 sponsor fee for each team that is paid by the bar. The GMA-BCA uses the sponsor fee for costs of running the league. The $6 per week per player is divided into 3 funds. $4.75 goes into the prize fund for each league, $1.00 goes to the tournament fund at the end of the season and .25 goes to administrative costs.

I am sure you can see why the GMA-BCA keeps expanding every year. Our league satisfies everyone involved. The players like the format and the rules. The bar owner can easily encourage more teams to play in a player-friendly league. Our leagues start in mid-September. The GMA-BCA offers mixed leagues on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and a "No Handicap" league on Thursdays. 4 person teams are easier to organize and we have many women playing in the mixed leagues. Our league is competitive and fun, which is what leagues are supposed to be all about.

Start signing up your teams now. Please contact Steve with any questions you might have. We hope to see you in the fall.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Steve Silber - President- Owner of Mortimer's Pub- 414-475-6664, cell: 414-940-0811

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