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The GMA-BCA Pool League


Summer leagues will start the week of June 6th.  Please have information to us by May 28th.  We will try for a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday League.  

Wednesday will once again be a WSPA and ACS sanctioned league and require a $20 sanction fee. (WSPA is $10 starting June 1, 2017). Regular weekly fees will then be collected for the Wed. League.


Payouts will be mailed out within 2 weeks of the last night of play in your division.


Congratulations to all the players that played over the weekend at the WSPA State Championships. Some of the top finishers were:

Ong Vang/Houa Lee 1st place Mens Scotch

Scott Kugel/Barb Arndt 7/8 Mixed Scotch

Steve Silber/Mary Enge 7/8 Mixed Scotch

B Teams:

Make Pool Great Again 3rd Place

Mortimers R.A.M. 4th Place

A Teams:

Tom Foolery A-Team 4th Place

Master Teams:

Shepherds Jack 5/6 Place

Womens B Teams:

Flappers Erica 3rd Place

Womens A Teams:

Rock Out with your Chalk Out 4th Place

Mens B Hard Luck:

Flappers Larry 2nd Place


BRONZE LEAGUE:  Brew City Tap has been dropped from the league due to forfeiting for the 4th time.  This is now a BYE spot.


You are only allowed to play on one team in each division.


As of 10/22/16 Straight Shots is no longer a drop spot.  Sorry for the inconvenience. Drop spots are Mortimer's Pub, Flappers and Network.


Team information can be sent to


Call Steve at 414-940-0811 with league QUESTIONS.    



OR CALL STEVE AT 414-940-0811.


Our league is now 4 nights a week, and seems to work well with all the players. Do you have players who complain about poor payouts and outdated rules? The GMA-BCA pays back 97% of the players monies to the prize fund. [read more]

The current season has started and with that comes a few changes and notices that we would like to share. To find out what is new, click here.

Also for those who have iPhones, check out the new iGMABCA site. Keep in mind that this is still in development. Currently, the downloads and sponsors sections are working. Watch for the rest in a few days.

Find your downloadable tournament brackets here We have 16 player, 32 player and 64 player brackets available for your tournament needs.3

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